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How Retailers are Expanding into Delivery Markets with a People Trust Platform

Retailers meet seasonal hiring demands with Checkr’s speed and compliance, while the platform’s efficiency brings growth and expansion.

The Retail-Checkr Story

Retailers with multiple store locations endure staff turnover as high as 75% per year. Considering nearly half of all retail sales are influenced by retail employees, businesses can’t afford to have understaffed stores.

Another persistent industry challenge is meeting FCRA and EEOC compliance standards, with retailers like Dollar General, Petco, and McDonald’s paying out some of the largest FCRA and EEOC lawsuit settlements. These three alone totalled over $9 million.

In retail, hiring flexibility is business critical. Holidays and other peak seasons require scaling to meet shopper demand. With 36% percent of all US workers now working in the gig economy, hiring large volumes while competing with the flexibility and rapid hiring capabilities of companies like Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and Postmates is more difficult than ever.

Checkr is fortunate to partner with some of the world’s most innovative companies, having run over 45 million background checks for over 10,000 businesses of all shapes and sizes. Checkr helps retail companies like yours with a host of tools and integrations.

Checkr helped one major retailer hire drivers quickly and expand delivery into 170 new markets in one year. With Motor Vehicle Record screenings. they were able to optimize their operations without outsourcing delivery to third-party services.

Another major retailer uses Checkr to ensure customer safety using identity verification so customers know the independent contractors dispatched to their homes are who they say they are. Additionally, the company runs biannual background checks to continuously ensure safety and compliance. For these and many other retailers, Checkr is a partner in compliance, trust and safety, and growth.

Retail’s Favorite Features

  • Automation: Speed, automations, and accuracy increase quality talent pools
  • Customizable: Tailor background checks for different markets
  • Integrations: Put all candidate data in one place and handle high volumes quickly

$5 trillion+ annual sales in US


Instacart scaled by 20X using Checkr with zero infractions found during an external employment agency audit.


Favor Delivery reduced time committed to adjudication by 93%.

Employee Start Time

FCR reduced its background check turnaround time per applicant by 72% resulting in 100% on time starts.

“[Checkr has] allowed us to offer our customers a lot more flexibility; a lot of different packages that really ensure that the workers that they associate with are compliant with the rules and regulations that we all have to deal with.”
Ernesto Martinez
Strategy and Business Development Manager, DDI

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