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Using Individualized Assessments in Background Checks to Widen the Candidate Pool

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Today’s labor shortages and competitive hiring landscape have made filling new positions hard. In fact, Glassdoor reports that it costs $4,000 and takes 52 days for the average company in the U.S to hire a new employee.

In order to widen candidate pools and keep up with changing worker expectations, companies are evolving their hiring processes to reduce bias and build more representative workforces. More and more, hiring teams are welcoming candidates who have criminal records. Integrating fair chance hiring into your company can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. When a candidate has a criminal record on their background check, there is a process to escalate and adjudicate the candidate’s record efficiently while remaining fair and unbiased.  This process is called an individualized assessment.

Watch our event where we learned actionable ways to conduct individualized assessments to benefit your organization and the candidate.

Learn from these experts

Chris Johnson

Director of Industry Strategy, Checkr

Ryan Wilkins

Strategic Solutions Engineer, Checkr

Andrew Beeks

Director of People Operations, Elemy

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