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Hi! 👋  We’re Checkr, and we’d love to meet you.Watch as we introduce ourselves and walk you through our integration with ClearCompany.

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We know that getting to know someone new can be a lot.  Whether you are counting down the minutes until we meet or you are hedging your bets (and telling your friends to check on you if you are not back in a few minutes), we are excited to get to know you.

As a background check provider and a ClearCompany partner, we’re excited about the ways we can work together.  For a sneak peek into who we are, some of our hobbies include making background checks easier and ensuring candidates have a fair shot at meaningful work.

So be sure to bring your favorite tea or coffee and we will do the same.  Consider this our official first hang and let’s get to know each other.


    Learn from these experts

    Kylie Kloeckner

    Group Manager, Partner Marketing

    Brittany La

    Product Marketing Manager

    Jacquie Peterson

    Product Marketing Manager

    Tal Waters

    Senior Staff Product Marketing Manager

    Ambreen Razaq

    Senior Strategic Partner Manager

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