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How First Hospitality Gains the Competitive Advantage When Hiring Ahead of Peak Season

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For the Hospitality industry, having your business staffed before the busy season will ensure a great customer experience and help you hire quality talent ahead of your competitors.

But the background check process can create additional delays in your ability to quickly staff your business—meaning candidates accepting competitive offers and revenue loss.

First Hospitality, a hospitality management and staffing company faced similar challenges when hiring ahead of their peak seasons. They needed a background check platform that could deliver fast and user-friendly background checks while seamlessly integrating into their HR tech stack.

Watch Matthew Siebert, Director of Human Resources at First Hospitality, Brandy Smith, Sr. Account Executive at Hospitality Online, and Sam Bourne, Senior ABM Manager at Checkr and learn how the team at First Hospitality is gaining a competitive advantage when hiring by:

  • Adopting scalable hiring processes and implementing fair chance hiring practices
  • Utilizing Checkr’s integration with Hospitality Online to deploy quick and comprehensive background checks
  • Leveraging Checkr's candidate stories functionality to expand their candidate pool

Learn from these experts

Matthew Siebert

Director of Human Resources, First Hospitality

Brandy Smith

Senior Account Executive, Hospitality Online

Sam Bourne

Sr. ABM Manager, Checkr

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