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How Gojob is Using Technology to Accelerate Hiring in High-Demand Industries

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With industries like manufacturing, logistics, delivery, and retail still struggling to hire and retain talent, the demand for digital staffing services has never been greater. However, finding the right talent to meet that demand is presenting its own set of challenges and bottlenecks for those agencies.

Gojob, an international digital staffing agency, is taking a unique approach to removing hiring bottlenecks for their customers through job training, second chance employment, and technology.

Watch Angie Hooper, Chief Operating Officer at Gojob, and Chris Johnson, Director of Industry Strategy at Checkr on and learn how Gojob is:

  • Opening up the candidate funnel for their customers by working with unemployed and underprivileged groups, Fair Chance Hiring, and job training
  • Accelerating hiring by connecting Checkr’s background check technology with ATS and HRIS systems
  • Leveraging Checkr to support and scale hiring across any industry with individualized assessments

Learn from these experts

Angie College Hooper

Chief Operating Officer at Gojob

Chris Johnson

Director of Industry Strategy

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