Workable + Checkr Webinar

Recruiting and Onboarding Strategies in a Remote World

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Many companies are creating policies to allow employees to work remotely forever. Airbnb recently joined the remote company list alongside Zillow and PwC. As the remote company list continues to grow it is obvious that remote work is no longer a trend, but a reality.

Effective recruiting and onboarding strategies can help hybrid and remote companies to increase their employee retention rate if done the right way. So how do talent teams create recruiting and onboarding strategies that appeal to remote employees? What are some ways talent teams can appeal to a remote workforce?

Watch Checkr and Workable as we dive into the best strategies for recruiting and onboarding employees in a remote world. Our panel of experts will cover:

  • Writing clear job descriptions for remote roles
  • The reality of remote recruiting and hiring 
  • Background screening employees who apply for remote positions 
  • Creating a sense of belonging when onboarding remote employees
  • Best practices when creating remote onboarding plans with goals

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