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Recruiting and Appealing to Gen Z

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2022’s college graduates are entering the professional workforce this summer. This graduating class is filled with individuals belonging to “Generation Z”.  -  Born between 1995 and the early 2000s, Gen Z has been dubbed “digital natives” and the “most creative” generation due to their adoption of portable technology and the internet from a young age.

Over 4 million Gen Zers make up the world population, and recent research says that approximately 27 percent of the workforce will be made up by Gen Z by 2025. This presents employers and recruiting professionals a unique opportunity to test out creative recruitment strategies. Connecting with Gen Z on a professional level calls for using the right communication channels,  job descriptions, messaging and hiring timelines to successfully secure Gen Z employees.

During this panel webinar we will discuss best practices for recruiting and appealing to Gen Z. Our panel of experts will cover:

  • Creative channels to use to communicate with Gen Z
  • Best practices for writing job descriptions to appeal to a younger generation
  • Ideas on how to shorten recruiting timelines to appeal to Gen Z
  • Ways to make onboarding and background checks efficient
  • Tips for understanding what drives and motivates Gen Z workers and how to incorporate these learnings into your recruiting strategies

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