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Safety Best Practices to Consider for your Children's Ministry

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When congregants trust your church with the care of their children during Sunday school, afterschool activities, youth groups, and field trips, their safety is naturally a top concern. Earning parents’ trust by showing them all the steps you take to ensure safety will also work wonders to keep families engaged with your ministry for years to come.

Are you curious about how to get started strengthening your approach to safety? Are there gaps in your safety and security practices? Want to brush up on the essentials when it comes to children’s ministry safety?

Watch Checkr and Pushpay for an interactive panel discussion with industry experts. In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Things you may want to consider when building your children’s ministry program including; tools, technology, materials, and documentation
  • Safety protocols and policies to consider 
  • What types of volunteers should you consider when you are building your program?
  • Background screening volunteers
  • How to review and measure the impact of your program on the community

Learn from these experts

Justin Hein

Member, Denver Institute of Faith and Work

James McGarvey

Executive Director / Co-Founder, Church Safety Guys

Jeff Dalrymple

Executive Director, Evangelical Counsel for Abuse Prevention

Shaunna Johnson

Kids Church Pastor with Awaken Church

Damon Strom

ChurchKids Pastor with Churchome

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