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Four Ways to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Experience

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It’s day one at a new job, and you’re overwhelmed. Expectations are unclear, and you have more questions than answers. We have all been there. Onboarding is a stressful experience for most new hires. In fact, according to Devan G. at TechJury, “The average new hire is expected to complete 54 activities during their onboarding process.” Fifty-four hoops to jump through before a new hire can even start doing their job.

Did you know that a negative onboarding experience doubles the chance for your new hires to look for other employment?  69% of new hires stayed with their new company for three years when onboarding processes were streamlined.

Watch Checkr and HiBob to learn how to make your onboarding experience more enjoyable for new hires. We have an expert panel ready to discuss onboarding initiatives. You will learn:

    Learn from these experts

    Laily Majlessi

    Staff Learning & Development Management


    Michele O’Brien


    New Hire Onboarding, ServiceNow

    Annie Rosencrans

    People & Culture Director

    Americas, HiBob

    Hilary Nigrosh

    People Ops Programs Leader


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