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The Power of Data: How DocGo Leverages Metrics to Drive Hiring Success in Healthcare

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Learn from these experts

Justin Thomas

VP HR, DocGo

Amanda Spear

Manager Customer Success, Checkr

In an era where innovation is the key to success, DocGo has taken center stage by focusing on hiring exceptional healthcare professionals, including paramedics, nurses, and physicians.

Through strategic collaborations with staffing agencies, they have successfully re-engaged clinicians and burnt-out nurses post-pandemic, revitalizing the industry with fresh talent.

We are excited to host Justin Thomas, VP of HR at DocGo for a candid conversation about how digital transformation is changing the way healthcare clients hire and the ways he was able to hire and retain over 500 healthcare professionals in 3 months to keep up with the evolving COVID-19 pandemic needs.

Watch this webinar to hear how DocGo:

  • Utilizes metrics from their HR systems to identify roadblocks and optimize workflows, ensuring a seamless experience for their talented workforce throughout the hiring process.
  • Partners with staffing agencies to find innovative ways to attract top healthcare professionals as the talent pool is recovering from post-pandemic burnout.
  • Builds programs that reinvest in their employees to stay competitive as the healthcare industry trends to a mobile-first approach.
  • This will be an excellent opportunity to hear how to stay ahead of the ever-changing telehealth industry and get your questions answered live.

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