Workable + Checkr Webinar

Which Background Check is Right for You?

Join us as we introduce ourselves and walk you through our integration with Workable.

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Ever wonder if you’re using the best background check screenings for your business?

With so many available options, it can be hard to know which to include in your background check package. Checkr’s in-house compliance manager, Danielle Hubein, is here to help.

Danielle will share when and why to use a variety of background check screens across criminal and civil record searches, MVR checks, healthcare sanctions, and verifications.

Our team will then walk you through how the Checkr and Workable's seamless integration work together so you can confidently start running the right background checks for your business.


  • Who are we? Meet Checkr
  • How Workable & Checkr work together
  • What type of checks are available for your business
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each screening
  • Mock scenarios of use cases for different checks

Learn from these experts

Danielle Hubein

Compliance Manager

Carmina Sicango

Strategic Solutions Engineer

Brian Parsons

Senior Strategic Partner Manager

Brad Freeman

Senior Account Executive

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