Helping Staffing Companies with Employee Background Checks in a New Age Of Hiring

The staffing world is changing fast, from new technology to entirely new business models. Meanwhile, agencies are under pressure to fill roles faster and grow revenue while optimizing client conversion. Learn how we help staffing companies stay competitive, fill roles faster, and drive more revenue by making the hiring process more efficient and the screening process more inclusive.

New Challenges for Staffing Leaders


The Gig Economy Is Changing Jobseekers' Expectations for the Hiring Process


The Right Candidates Can Be Hard to Find


Staffing Agencies are Under Pressure to Decrease Costs While Gaining and Retaining Clients

On-demand employers are giving jobseekers new opportunities to get to work, fast. Applying for, and starting a new job is now as simple as filling out a few forms on a mobile phone. For staffing companies with legacy hiring processes, these platforms pose stiff competition.


10 Questions Staffing Agencies Need to Ask About Today's Competition


Is Your Staffing Agency Ready for the New World of Work?

A Better Candidate Experience for Better Conversion

We've built an exceptional candidate experience in order to help you convert as many candidates as possible. In our mobile-friendly candidate portal, your potential hires can track the status of their background check, find answers to questions, and connect with a dedicated live support team to ensure a smoother, faster hiring process.

Tools to Optimize and Expand Your Talent Pool

Our technology helps you customize reporting based on exactly the charges you set as relevant to the job you're hiring for. That means a broader talent pool and a potential for more candidates with the skills and experience you need. After the initial background check is over, tools like Continuous Check allow staffing teams to monitor for new charges on an ongoing basis, maintaining the quality and safety of your candidate pool.

Hiring Solutions Built to Help You Improve Both Efficiency and Client Service

Checkr's technology allows you to rely less on manual processes so you can keep your operations leaner. Adjudication settings help you optimize your candidate pool, making it easier for you to place the right candidates faster. More efficient hiring means your clients are happier and your revenue is higher.

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We build hiring solutions with features like AI-powered candidate filtering to save time, improve compliance, and expand your candidate pool.

Our hiring solutions empower gig companies to scale and grow while maintaining safety and compliance. Learn how we help our customers gain a competitive edge.

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