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Better Background Checks for Volunteer Communities and Non-Profits

Organizations that rely on volunteers—from sports organizations to education nonprofits to churches—still need to find the right people to staff their projects and initiatives. While volunteer or non-profit organizations often run very lean when it comes to hiring teams, it doesn’t mean you need less effective background checks. Checkr can help to lighten the workload of hiring, lower your costs, keep you compliant, and help you create a stronger and safer community.

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Our platform plugs into the ATS and HRIS systems that you’re already using, so you can start transforming the background check experience right away.

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Beginner’s Guide to Background Checks

Background checks are complicated, highly-regulated and very nuanced. Choosing the right background check for your needs is important. This eBook outlines what questions to consider when choosing a background check as well as important compliance information to keep in mind as you run your first checks.

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Set a new standard of safety for your organization

Checkr is always innovating with new features that increase trust and safety inside of a product that scales with you as you grow. Checkr’s team of compliance experts continuously monitor legal trends and provide in-product guidance to help you make fair and consistent hiring decisions.

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Make the background check process easy for your volunteers

Traditional background checks can be a bottleneck in the process of onboarding new volunteers and delays could mean issues in advancing your organization’s mission. Our US-based candidate experience teams, easy-to-use intuitive mobile interface and real-time ETAs work together to promote transparency throughout the background check process and move volunteers quickly through the funnel.

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Reduce bias while fully staffing your initiatives

With Checkr, you can adjust your adjudication criteria on an ongoing basis to reduce bias, get access to a wealth of analytics to understand the decisions you’re making, and open up your volunteer pool to more diverse candidates.

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Non-Profit Places 12,000 Crisis Counselors a Year with Checkr

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Background check packages for faith-based communities

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