Better Background Checks for Safer Volunteer Communities

Organizations that rely on volunteers—from sports organizations to education nonprofits to churches—use our platform to staff their projects safely. Because these organizations often run lean, many turn to Checkr to lighten the workload of hiring, lower costs, stay compliant, and create a safer community for everyone. Learn how we're helping organizations run safer, more effective background checks with leaner hiring teams.

Top Challenges for Volunteer-Driven Organizations


Maintaining Trust and Safety for Your Members and Community Is Critical


Volunteer Sourcing and Turnover Can Drain Resources


Technology-Driven Solutions Can Help Solve Problems Efficiently, But Only If They Are Easy to Deploy

Churches and volunteer organizations need to maintain the trust of their members, donors, and communities. Preventing the wrong people from working or volunteering in sensitive roles is central to that mission. In order to succeed, these organizations must find thorough and reasonably priced background check solutions to help screen volunteers efficiently.


The Beginner's Guide to Background Checks


Nucleus Guidebook

Background Check Solutions to Improve Safety Standards and Mitigate Risk

Checkr helps organizations administer their volunteer trust and safety programs with fast, accurate background checks. We also offer new products designed with ongoing safety in mind. Even after hiring, Checkr's Continuous Check can provide insight into new, reportable charges connected to your staff or volunteers. Our technology-driven tools and solutions not only speed up the background check process; they help reduce human bias. Built-in compliance features ensure you are only reviewing legally reportable charge information so you can make fair decisions and avoid compliance risk.

Increasing Productivity and Operational Efficiency While Lowering Costs

Checkr's platform is built by background check experts, but at our core, we are a technology company using tech to make volunteer staffing simpler and safer. Our customers use Checkr to screen volunteers quickly. Our workflows are all electronic, so instead of collecting paper consent forms, we have a digital process to help you catch errors, speeding up the process and freeing up bandwidth for your team.

A Mission-Driven Background Check Company to Help Move Your Mission Forward

Checkr is a different kind of background check company. We work every day to create a better future for people and their workplaces by building tools and solutions to help organizations meet their hiring needs. Our goal is to ensure all qualified candidates have a fair chance to work and volunteer. And, we support and coach organizations in building screening practices to further strengthen their communities.

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