5 Questions with Vladimir Vezikov of Tülogy

September 21, 2021
Checkr Editor

Tülogy connects customers with home-repair professionals to Get Stuff Done and take the headaches out of home repair. Tülogy’s home service professionals have decades of hands-on experience and are ready to connect directly with customers, accelerating the process of home repair, eliminating risk, and ultimately improving homes and lives.

Vladimir Vezikov is CEO and co-founder of Tülogy.

1. Why did you choose to partner with Checkr?

Checkr came up early in our research process for background check companies. We knew background checks were going to be a critical piece of the platform, to help give homeowners peace of mind and transparency into who they're working with. Things that were important to us were turnaround time, price, and high-volume processing capability. The other competitor that we looked at paled in comparison. We were also impressed  by  the fact that a lot of reputable and renowned gig economy companies have worked with Checkr, so we knew we would be  in good hands and well-serviced.

We launched our platform last year, and we've been able to grow a national base of tens of thousands of users. We attribute a lot of our growth and our success so far to a few things. The first is the power of automation and finding the right partners to integrate with to help ease the burden of certain processes.

Operating with such a small team and being an early-stage startup, automation is a priority for us. We constantly look for ways to optimize and enhance processes to keep our team focused on product development and growth. One of the ways that we've done this is by integrating with services like Checkr that help us automate critical functions of our platform. With Checkr, we’ve been able to automate over 95% of background check processes.

We've been working with Checkr from the very beginning. We built Checkr into the very first iteration of our platform- really into our MVP. When you're working on a tech product in the early stages, a lot of things can go wrong. You deal with a lot of bugs. Integrating a reliable service like Checkr has been a huge value-add to our platform.

2. How is Checkr integrated into your workflow?

On the home-repair professional side, Checkr is integrated into the registration process. When professionals register, they submit some basic information about themselves and their company, and then are prompted and encouraged to complete a background check. We tell them a background check gives homeowners a sense of security and can help them win more projects on the platform.

We use the Checkr-hosted candidate experience integration, which has been very seamless for us. Professionals submit their information to Checkr and their results automatically correspond to an indicator on their profile.

On the customer side, they see the background check status of every pro they interact with. Whether they’re assessing incoming messages, bids, or looking at a pro’s profile, we provide that transparency for them.

3. What are your favorite Checkr features?

First and foremost, the easy API integration and its reliability. We also use Candidate Stories when a background check comes back flagged. In most cases, we request a candidate's story to receive more context about their record. Candidate Stories help us make better decisions. What I really value and love about candidate stories is how they transform the process from merely looking at a piece of paper and reducing someone to their record. Candidate stories remind you that there's a human being behind the record. They help give that human being a voice in the process.

Checkr helps us stay focused on our product development, growth, and living up to one of our company’s values: Simplicity.

4. How does a digital-first approach benefit your team and the pros on your platform?

When it comes to a digital-first approach, working with vendors like Checkr translates to our small team helping serve tens of thousands of users. That wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for our digital-first approach and trying to simplify what can be a really intricate and archaic process. Professionals and homeowners, from the moment they register , are just a few clicks away from either finding home service professionals for their project or finding work opportunities. None of that would be possible if it wasn't for a digital-first approach and partners like Checkr.

5. What do you look for in a technology partner?

We want technology partnerships to be complementary and symbiotic in nature. We look for partners that can help enhance or optimize our platform processes. Ideally, we also want to partner with companies that value the same things we do.

Not only does Checkr help us deliver value to our users by carrying out an important platform function reliably and simply, but we also love working with a company that cares about creating a fairer future and connecting diverse talent pools to work opportunities— these values are extremely meaningful to us.

Find out how Tülogy automates 95% of the background check process in our recent customer story.

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“Not only does Checkr help us deliver value to our users by carrying out an important platform function reliably and simply, but we also love working with a company that cares about creating a fairer future and connecting diverse talent pools to work opportunities.”
Vladimir Vezikov, CEO and Co-Founder

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