Tulogy connects thousands of professionals and customers with seamless API integration

How Tulogy focuses on growth with Checkr’s critical and time-saving automations

Company Overview

Tülogy connects customers with home-repair professionals that take the headaches out of home repair. Tülogy’s business model depends on a fast, accurate, and efficient hiring infrastructure to deliver on their promise of accelerating the process of home repair, eliminating risk, and ultimately improving the homes and lives of their customers.




3,000 background checks/ year

Key Results

95% of processes automated

Checkr integration completed in a few days

Average report turn around time of 17 hours

Products Used

The Tülogy-Checkr Story

Since their startup days, Tulogy has sought process optimizations through the power of technology. Their digital-first approach means their small team can reach tens of thousands of users.

“One of the ways we’ve done this,” explains co-founder and CEO Vladimir Vezikov, “is integrating with services like Checkr that help us automate critical platform functions. Having a reliable service like Checkr has been a huge value added to our platform.” With Checkr, Vladimir’s team has automated over 95% of their background check processes.

As Tülogy’s technology partner, Checkr is not only an integral part of critical functions but aligns with the company’s values of creating a fairer future, building a diverse talent pool, and expanding opportunities for work. “We also liked that a lot of reputable and renowned gig economy companies have worked with Checkr. We knew we were in good hands and would be well serviced.”

We try to take as much power in our technology as we possibly can to keep our team focused on product development and on growth. One of the ways that we’ve done this is by integrating with Checkr to help us automate critical functions of our platform. With Checkr, we’ve been able to automate over 95% of background check processes.
Vladimir Vezikov
Co-founder and CEO of Tulogy

Checkr helps Tülogy maintain a seamless and transparent process that benefits professionals and customers. Home-repair professionals signing up for Tülogy complete their background check easily within the platform. Their profiles are created immediately, and automatically display their background check status or results. All this means that professionals can start bidding on projects immediately and customers can hire with confidence in safety and reputation.

With Checkr’s Candidate Stories, Tülogy receives important context to make better informed decisions. “What I really love about Candidate Stories is how it transforms the process from looking at a piece of paper and reducing someone to their record. It helps remind you there’s a human being behind the record, giving them a voice in the process.”

At the end of the day, Tülogy is all about simplicity—in finding work, finding help, and expanding their platform’s reach. Checkr’s speed and stellar reliability means Vladimir can focus on operations, growth, and “keeping our product as simple as possible for ourselves and end users.”

Tülogy’s Favorite Checkr Features

Easy and seamless API Integration
Candidate Stories that provide humanizing context for better informed decisions
Simple and intuitive UI

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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