6 Questions with Hyer CFO Joey Dempsey

February 17, 2023
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Hear from the CFO at Hyer, a leading on-demand labor app, on how Checkr empowers them to hire quickly and scale operations with speed and security.

Hyer is an easy-to-use app that connects the retail, warehouse and hospitality industries to workers in real time. If a business needs a project done from warehouse operations to event support to stocking and merchandising, they can go on the Hyer platform, post the job, and one of Hyer’s users (Taskers) will complete it.

Joey Dempsey joined Hyer in 2019 as the Director of Finance and moved into the CFO role in mid-2021. Hyer onboarded Checkr as their background check solution in 2018 to help them scale hiring with speed and security.

We sat down with Joey to understand Checkr’s impact on Hyer’s growth and scale. Let’s dive in!

What are some priorities you're focusing on as you scale Hyer?

As a new company, we have a brand to protect and build. One of the aspects of that brand is speed and flexibility. Checkr is very integral to getting people on the app fast. That is really important for us and can help us grow at the scale we’re currently seeing.

What are Hyer's hiring goals and how are you reaching those?

Our hiring goal is upwards of 500,000 users that we’d like to see [using the app]. Background checks are really a pillar of our app. Checkr is able to provide the convenience that someone can download the app, go through a background check, and [go to] work all within one day. Our average turnaround [time with Checkr] is within one day.

What kind of background checks are you running at Hyer?

The main product that we use with Checkr is the criminal background check package. Every single person, if they want to work on our app, has to undergo a background check.

How are you mitigating duplicate or fraudulent activity on the Hyer app?

Checkr Protect allows us to essentially block certain people coming in based on their social security number, which has stopped [the creation of] a lot of duplicate accounts and fraudulent activity on the app. It saves us time as well as improves our conversion of individuals in the background check stage into active taskers.

You mentioned the importance of speed to Hyer's brand — how are you accelerating the time it takes for someone to sign up on the app to them being able to work?

The API has webhooks coming back to us that lets us know as soon as someone passes a background check, or if their check requires further consideration that flips a switch on our side. It’s all seamlessly built out between our system and Checkr.

Our workflow and processes were really built on Checkr. It’s almost irreplaceable. We need background checks to be completed and we need them within days. We are growing week over week, day over day, and it is extremely important for us to continue this growth, and as long as Checkr is that engine with the app, we should be successful.

Checkr is an integral part of getting people on the app quickly, and gives us the reliability that we’re reducing liability and at a speed that helps us grow at the scale we’re currently seeing.

How does Hyer source and find qualified candidates?

The beauty of the Hyer app is its ability to give anyone a chance. We’re trying to grow our customers and our industry, so it gives someone the opportunity to try something new. If they’re successful, it enables them to start building their resume and expand upon their experience. Hyer is truly organic in its ability to build quality candidates.

Find more information on how Hyer amplifies rapid growth and customer trust with Checkr below.

Customer story: hyer

Speed, plus security: Hyer amplifies rapid growth and customer trust using Checkr

Hyer is a leading on-demand labor app powering the gig economy; connecting people to opportunities and businesses to workers in real-time.

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“Our workflow and processes were really built on Checkr. It’s almost irreplaceable.”
Joey Dempsey, CFO

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