Checkr Acquires GoodHire to Accelerate Growth

April 12, 2022
Checkr Editor

Editor's note: This article was written by Checkr CEO, Daniel Yanisse.

I could not be more excited to announce that Checkr is acquiring GoodHire. GoodHire's team and their tens of thousands of customers are joining Checkr as we double down on our fast-growing small to medium-sized business (SMB) segment.

Checkr and GoodHire share a history of innovation and customer and candidate focus

Seven years ago, Jonathan and I started Checkr to bring easy-to-use, scalable, powerful background checks to the fastest growing technology companies in the world. As they've IPO'ed and changed the future of work across the world, we've grown alongside them.

While we began by providing background check APIs for tech enterprises, GoodHire was the first provider to offer a self-service background check solution, designed specifically for small businesses, featuring a 100% online experience, built-in compliance, an intuitive interface and excellent customer service.

There’s a lot that I’ve seen our two companies share through the years: a focus on customer experience, ease of use for the candidate, and innovation. What I’ve seen as I’ve gotten to meet the GoodHire team is that we also share something even more important: a mission to build a fairer future through fair chance hiring.

This acquisition brings two of the most innovative companies together to serve businesses of all sizes

Companies of all sizes now expect innovation and a great candidate experience to win the war for talent — the kind delivered by innovative gig companies like Uber and Doordash. After all, each new hire is critical when it comes to growing a small business. With this acquisition, Checkr is positioned to bring an innovative, best-in-class software platform to customers of all sizes - now including small businesses as well.

Together we will build a fairer future

To our customers and partners: thank you for your continued trust and partnership. It’s through our shared success that we’ve been able to build a company that can acquire a powerful brand like GoodHire. This strengthens our business so we can continue to grow and invest in you. Bringing the two innovative teams together means we can build better products for you with more ease of use, faster speed, a great candidate experience and built in fairness.

To Inflection and GoodHire’s many team members and customers: we can’t wait to welcome you to Checkr. We at Checkr, the background check industry as a whole, and the many workers who deserve a great hiring experience will all be better through what we accomplish together.

Here’s to building a fairer future together!

Find the Checkr and GoodHire FAQ page here.

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