Transparency is Key: Estimating Report Completion

September 26, 2023
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Learn how Checkr uses machine learning and data to provide estimated completion times at the county level.

One of the biggest challenges for employers and candidates alike is the lack of transparency throughout the background check process. Specifically, knowing how long a background check will take from beginning to end.

While this may sound like a straightforward problem with an equally straightforward solution, there are many factors and dependencies involved in delivering a single background check report. Even something as simple as the time of day can impact when a report will be completed. For example, if you order a background check report on a Monday afternoon, it may only take 24 hours to return; however, if it’s a holiday weekend, this could delay the report by several hours or even days. Nuances like these make predicting when a background check will be complete incredibly complex.

To solve for some of this complexity, Checkr uses machine learning and data from the tens of millions of background checks we run every year to predict turnaround times at the county level and provide estimated completion times for individual reports. All together, that gives us predictions that are 95% accurate within one business day. Over time, our predictions grow increasingly more reliable as we gather more data.

For our customers, having predictable report completion times increases your productivity and operational efficiency. With a better understanding of when reports will complete, you can better plan for hiring needs ahead of time and spend less time answering candidate questions about the status of reports. In fact, 89% of Checkr customers rate our turnaround times as better compared to other background check solutions they’ve used. It also provides a better candidate experience by offering transparency into the background check process.

For candidates, Checkr takes the guesswork and stress out of the screening process. If you’re a candidate going through a Checkr background check, you can now track the status of your report while the search is happening. You’ll also have access to a variety of resources, including online chat, phone, and email support, to help you understand what goes on behind the scenes or connect with someone if you have any concerns.

Accurately predicting report completion is one of the many ways Checkr uses data to help empower both customers and candidates.

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