What's New at Checkr: Fall Product Highlights [2023]

November 03, 2023
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This fall, we made a number of enhancements to the candidate experience, expanded access to I-9 employment eligibility verification, and launched new DOT checks, new packages for healthcare, and a new onboarding solution. 

Watch the webinar to learn more about these updates—along with a preview into what we’re working on later this quarter, including live chat for candidates, I-9 API access, the ability to add searches to existing orders, new DOT checks, and random drug testing.

Simplify onboarding with I-9 and Checkr Onboard

I-9 employment eligibility verification available to all Dashboard users

Form I-9 verifies that your W-2 employees are legally authorized to work in the US which is an essential step of the onboarding process for employers. Checkr’s I-9 solution helps you remove redundant workstreams, improve accuracy and compliance, and set the stage for a positive onboarding experience with your employees—right from the Checkr Dashboard. Get started

Checkr Onboard

With Checkr Onboard, you can quickly and easily build custom onboarding paths for your workers—without engineering resources. Create a unified, mobile-first candidate onboarding experience, while reducing friction for your teams.

Expanded background check capabilities

Get early access to DOT MVR and employment verification

Hiring commercial drivers? Checkr now offers DOT MVR checks and employment verification in early availability, in addition to DOT drug and alcohol tests and physical exams. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more. 

Maintain security post-hire with FACIS and Professional License Verification rechecks

In the healthcare industry, running ongoing checks for specific employee information may be required for compliance and patient safety. You can now order FACIS levels 1M and 3, as well as professional license verification (PLV) on monthly intervals (or the regular cadence of your requirement) with our rechecks. Rechecks enable you to periodically check your employees’ status without requiring a new invitation or background check every time. When ordering your initial package, simply set the subscription cadence and length in your post-hire safety settings.

New healthcare packages

When hiring for roles in the healthcare industry, compliance, speed, and safety are of the utmost importance. There are screenings and searches that are often used across the industry for a variety of healthcare positions that range from facilities and support, to administration and providers. Checkr offers the option to easily create and save custom packages based on your unique and specific requirements. 

  • For organizations hiring for TRICARE authorized providers, click here to get started with your package.*
  • For non-TRICARE authorized providers, start building your Healthcare Essential package here.*

Meet your healthcare compliance requirements and prepare for audits

Your order summary PDF now includes additional information about state criminal checks conducted on your reports, providing you with tangible evidence to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements for audits and ensuring your continued business operation within each state. You will see this change reflected on your background check order summary under “State Search.” 

OHS exception improvements

Missing paperwork from Occupational Health Exams can cause lengthy delays and result in confusion and frustration for you and your candidates. Our new automated exception handling process expedites the identification and resolution of canceled exams due to missing paperwork, reducing turnaround time and improving overall Occupational Health experience. Learn more.

Get the full picture of your candidates’ education and employment history with new document stories

When a candidate notes they do not have supporting documents, they’ll now have the option in the exception flow to write in the reasoning. These candidate stories will show on your Checkr Dashboard as timeline events with the story included.

Canadian digital identity verification & status updates

In Canada, identity verification is required if you’re running a criminal record check. Digital identity verification—the new default method for identity verification—verifies a candidate’s identity by comparing a live scan of their face to the photo on their ID.

Customers running a background check in Canada can also see the status of a candidate’s identity verification. This visibility can help you understand whether a report is waiting on the candidate, or a result.

Continuous investment in the candidate experience

Candidate application education

We updated the background check application to provide candidates with more context on what to expect before they get started, such as the type of information and documents they’ll need to provide, as well as what to expect after they complete the form. Improving candidate education increases completion rates while reducing confusion and questions.

Open invitation links now available to all customers

Open invitation links allow you to create a single link for candidates to start their background check application. They can be helpful for organizations with event-based hiring. This is now available to all customers, including those using account hierarchy. Learn more.

Features to help you easily navigate your dashboard

Archived reports

We’ve made it easier to streamline and view all your reports in the Candidates and Reports page with the ability to archive completed reports, so you can focus on active ones. Once you’ve Archived a report, you can easily toggle between a list of Archived and Active reports for easy organization.  

Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar to learn more about these updates, and share your thoughts on what else you’d like to see!

checkr webinar

Fall Product Release Webinar

Checkr’s product leaders walked through enhancements to the candidate experience, expanded access to I-9 employment eligibility verification, and launched new DOT checks, new packages for healthcare, and a new onboarding solution.

*Always consult your legal counsel to ensure your selected screenings fit your business needs. Nothing in this message should be construed as legal advice, guidance, or counsel. Companies should consult their own legal counsel about their compliance responsibilities under the FCRA and applicable state and local laws. Checkr expressly disclaims any warranties or responsibility or damages associated with or arising out of information provided.

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