How Avantive Solutions Uses Checkr to Fuel Growth and Deliver an Exceptional Candidate Experience   

March 29, 2023
Checkr Editor

Hear from julie via, Senior human resources director at avantive solutions, about building a seamless candidate experience and hiring quickly with checkr.

Avantive Solutions is a rapidly growing, global digital transformation leader in business process outsourcing (BPO), customer experience, and strategic sales solutions. They are the face of some of the most recognized companies in the telecommunications, healthcare, and financial services industries.

Julie Via joined Avantive Solutions in 2022 as Senior Human Resources Director, leading a team of five. When Julie arrived, Checkr had already been in place as their background check provider for over 6 years. Julie relied on the strong relationship with their Checkr Customer Success Manager to get up to speed quickly to increase their employee count by 67% in her first 5 months.

Read on to learn about Checkr’s impact on Avantive Solutions’ ability to quickly scale for growth.

What are your hiring goals for this year?

Our whole employee count is just over 1,000 right now so our job is really to hire the best people for the jobs. Finding the best candidates for our clients is very important.

How do you stay competitive in the marketplace and ensure that you're meeting your clients' needs?

Not only is it a challenge to ensure that applicants are a good culture fit, but there’s always competition for contracts and renewing contracts with our clients. We’re competing with others for candidates who are paying similar wages to similar target candidates, so speed is essential when it comes to background checks. Checkr will also communicate with the applicant, instead of our team having to hand hold or walk the candidates through the background check process. With so much competition in the candidate pool, Checkr reports come back in seconds.

What was something challenging that you experienced last year but were able to resolve?

It has taken four months to get our payroll under control, so we’ve been spending a lot of time on that. We finally have a smooth payroll process and that’s enabled us to spend more time on the candidate experience.

Do you have any integrations set up with Checkr?

When I came on board at Avantive we already had both Checkr and ClearCompany in place. It took so much stress off of us because without that integration, we wouldn’t have that record of the candidate’s status. Any of our recruiters can open up the applicant file to see if the background check came back clear or considered, and that visibility is so helpful to our team. We trigger the background check in ClearCompany, which shows the invitation has been sent to the candidate.

How does Checkr help you create a great candidate experience?

We rely heavily on a great candidate experience, especially since we have so much competition. The fact that it is seamless and easy on the candidate’s side, gives them the ability to use their mobile device with Checkr, having a partner in Checkr that can adapt with the changing times has been huge for us.

What are your favorite Checkr features?

The pre-adverse action is so easy. On our side, we just have to put in the parameters of our clients’ criteria, the report goes to the compliance team, they review and do pre-adverse action and then candidates can submit their story or explanation through the candidate stories feature. The candidate is able to have visibility which is extremely helpful when we have such a diverse workforce.

How has your experience been working with the team at Checkr?

Once I was able to get a call scheduled with our Customer Success Manager, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship. He was helpful, understood our pain points, and found the answers I needed. Checkr is working right within our ATS and is one less moving part we have to worry about.

Would you recommend Checkr?

I would absolutely recommend Checkr. I see it as a long term relationship and look forward to our continued partnership.

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Checkr helps organizations of all sizes hire faster and fairer, provide further transparency into reporting to ensure a positive candidate experience, and create a seamless integration with existing hiring workflows. If you’re interested in learning about Avantive Solutions, you can find more information on their website or LinkedIn.

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“Having a partner in Checkr that can adapt with the changing times has been huge for us.”
Avantive Solutions
Julie Via, Senior Human Resources Director

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