What's New at Checkr: Winter Product Highlights [2023]

January 31, 2023
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Watch the webinar to learn more about checkr's recent product updates — along with a preview into what we’re working on for you this quarter.

This winter, we launched new checks, enhancements to the candidate experience, and more functionality for ordering and managing screenings. Watch the webinar below to learn more about these updates — along with a preview into what we’re working on in 2023.

More functionality with package add-ons

With package add-ons, you can add screens to a background check package when placing a new order through the Checkr Dashboard in less than a minute. We made a few updates that enable you to:

Onsite drug testing

Need greater control over the drug screening process? By administering drug tests on-site, you no longer have to worry about varying clinic availability and lab processing times. Common use cases include:

  • Hiring events or any scenario where you might want to hire on the spot
  • Hiring candidates in locations with low clinic availability
  • Routine or reasonable suspicion testing

Onsite drug testing will be available later this month. Please keep an eye out for an announcement on availability in our February customer newsletter. If you have a Customer Success Manager, please coordinate with them.

New international screenings and insights

Hiring globally? We’ve made a number of enhancements to our international offering:

  • MVR checks are now available in Canada. Canada MVR is a great solution if you need to quickly understand whether a candidate is legally eligible to drive, as results return in real-time.
  • Live, online identity verification in England and Wales allows candidates to verify their identity, directly within the Checkr apply flow. This increases background check completion rates and turnaround times, and also meets DBS requirements for criminal screenings.
  • The Analytics page of the Checkr Dashboard now includes global data, so you can have a holistic view of your candidate information. Results can be easily filtered by country.

Candidate experience enhancements

We understand that candidates are real people whose lives are affected by the results we deliver, and we’re always innovating to improve their experience. We recently made a number of enhancements, including:

  • Clearer, friendlier candidate invitations help candidates get started and improve your conversion rates.
  • Better design and usability in the candidate portal help candidates take action on their reports and improve your conversion funnel, while minimizing back-and-forth questions.
  • Incorporating Grammarly into Candidate Stories helps candidates put their best foot forward with better grammar and spelling so that your teams can more effectively focus on their story without bias.
  • The new “Mark as reviewed” button in the Candidate Stories workflow helps your team keep track of stories that have been previously read while reviewing submissions.

Watch the webinar to learn more about these updates, and share your thoughts on what else you’d like to see!

checkr webinar

Winter Product Release Webinar

In the winter product release webinar, Checkr’s product leaders walk through new checks, enhancements to the candidate experience, increased functionality for ordering and managing screenings, and a preview of what's to come in 2023.

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