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We're committed to providing a seamless hiring experience that gives you greater transparency and control. Whether you use a pre-built ATS or a custom solution, our seamless integrations and background check API make it easy for you to leverage Checkr in your existing HR systems. By integrating with Checkr, you get the benefits of an AI-powered platform that fundamentally improves background check accuracy and speed.

  • Out-of-the-box ATS and HRIS integrations
  • Best-in-class background check API and webhooks
  • Robust public documentation

Solutions designed to meet every need

Out-of-the-box ATS and HR integrations 

Our easily configurable pre-built integrations with popular ATS and HR systems let you leverage Checkr in the systems you already know and use.

Open API

Our flexible background check API and webhooks allow you to customize Checkr to work for you. Create a seamless candidate experience without compromising your existing tech stack for hiring.

Public documentation

Our public, easy-to-use API documentation is readily available to help your development teams, in-house or outsourced, tailor a solution that fits your company’s unique needs.


How Checkr is Leveraging Humans to Build Trust in Technology


Beginner's Guide to Background Checks

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It’s not just background check speed that impacts turnaround time; it’s also gaps in your process and unnecessary manual work. Our platform helps you automate and optimize your workflow, so you can move faster.

Our screenings are powered by the most advanced technology in the industry to deliver you higher-quality data in less time. You can make smarter, safer hiring decisions more efficiently.

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