How a Staffing Agency Used Checkr to Go National During a Pandemic

Adia increased their service area and thrived with an agile, candidate-first approach.

Company Overview

Adia’s app is designed to allow thousands of workers to find jobs “on-demand” and help clients fill last minute roles. It’s critical to Adia’s success and the success of their customers that they create a simple and quick onboarding process. For this reason, Adia has looked to Checkr’s speed, efficiency, and reliability to support its workers’ background checks for years.




70,000 background checks

Key Results

Reduce no-show rate

50% less no shows than traditional staffing due to candidate-friendly vetting and onboarding.

Help clients grow

With high candidate retention, candidate conversion, and improvements in productivity.

Time to onboard

Reduce the time it takes a worker to onboard from registration to official hiring.

Products Used

The Adia-Checkr Story

Because of Checkr’s API integration, Adia was able to develop pages that allow workers to start the background check process directly in the Adia app. Checkr’s adjudication matrix and automated email flows allow Adia to automate otherwise laborious and time-consuming tasks.

Since implementing Checkr, workers have less questions about onboarding and get status updates on their background check directly in the Adia app. Checkr has freed up Adia’s customer support team to tackle more important requests they receive and has processed over 70,000 checks in the last year alone.

We fully trust Checkr with our candidate’s sensitive information and have nothing but positive things to say.
Kaylan Millis
Head of Marketing, Adia

When COVID-19 caused shut-downs across America and fundamentally shifted the hiring landscape, Adia’s goals shifted as well. Due to their technological advantages, including Checkr’s quick hiring capabilities, Adia was able to pivot from focusing on the hospitality industry to branching into the supply chain at a national level. Adia has helped staff Kroger, Albertson, Aldi and more during the pandemic.

In the future, Adia hopes to leverage Checkr to fully achieve their goal of having “zero touch” onboarding for their workers. Adia envisions a future where workers rely solely on the messaging and user experience in the app to complete onboarding and become a W-2 employee of Adia.

Adia's favorite features

Adjudication Matrix
Ensure compliance and mitigate risk based on geography and role type
API Integration
Makes screening process smoother and more efficient
Candidate Friendly Automation
Low-touch, mobile-friendly experience

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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