Streamlining Background Checks for Safe and Reliable Childcare

How Efficient Background Checks Transformed the Childcare Experience for Families and Nannies Alike

Company Overview

Adventure Nannies is a private recruitment firm that helps families across the country find nannies and private educators. 


Childcare Staffing Agency


200 - 300 background checks per year

Key Results

85% reduction in average TAT
10hrs per week saved on verifications

Products Used

The Adventure Nannies - Checkr Story

Adventure Nannies is an industry leader in recruiting and vetting nannies for families. With 12 years of experience and a pool of 13,000 annual applicants, they have a rigorous process to ensure quality and reliability. Their vetting process includes thorough reference checks, internet screenings, and five to seven-day working interviews. As a final step, they conduct comprehensive background checks to provide the highest level of safety for families.

Before Checkr, Adventure Nannies faced significant challenges with their previous background check provider including lengthy turnaround times, which led to frustrated families. These families were often in desperate need of childcare, and couldn't wait weeks to receive the results. Some would even choose to bypass the background check process altogether, compromising the safety measures Adventure Nannies aimed to provide.

Shenandoah Davis, the CEO and co-founder of Adventure Nannies, turned to Checkr for a more efficient and reliable solution.

Checkr met their needs when it came to quick turnaround times and transparency for candidates. With Checkr, Adventure Nannies reduced their turnaround time by 85% on background checks, enabling them to match families with qualified caregivers quickly.

The Checkr platform is so easy to use compared to everything else in our tech stack. It’s honestly a relief when we get to log into Checkr.
Shenandoah Davis
CEO and Co-Founder, Adventure Nannies

Before Checkr, Adventure Nannies handled all of their education verifications internally, which presented several obstacles. They work with candidates across a wide age range, making it difficult to locate and contact the relevant colleges or schools. Additionally, finding digitized records was challenging. This process consumed a significant amount of time, with their team spending around 5-10 hours per week on verification tasks. “When we made the switch to Checkr and realized that Checkr could handle those education verifications, and we would never have to do them ourselves again, it was like a true light bulb moment,” said Shenandoah.

Adventure Nannies also use Checkr for MVR checks, as driving is a crucial aspect of the job. The ability to thoroughly examine the flags that appear on a candidate's driving record often becomes the primary deciding factor when families reach the final hiring stage. Candidates are then able to review those discrepancies, and are given the opportunity to provide context directly with the Adventure Nannies team. This open communication helps build trust between Adventure Nannies, the candidates, and the families they work with.

Our experience with Checkr has been amazing. I love the transparency that it gives to our candidates and the peace of mind it gives us and the families we work with.
Shenandoah Davis
CEO and Co-Founder, Adventure Nannies

Their previous background check vendor also relied on paper forms. “It felt incongruous and awkward for us to portray ourselves as a cutting-edge remote company, but ask candidates to print out a form and mail it back to us,” said Shenandoah. Checkr was a perfect fit for Adventure Nannies' vision and objectives, as it allows candidates to conduct their background check directly through the Checkr app on a computer or mobile device. This eliminated the need for Adventure Nannies to keep physical files of candidates that contained sensitive personal details.

Prioritizing safety and compliance is paramount when working with vulnerable populations. Shenandoah and her team make sure to follow all Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) guidelines and prioritize experience and thorough background checks for their candidates. By partnering with Checkr, which strictly complies with state and county regulations, Adventure Nannies can confidently focus on other aspects of employment, knowing that background check compliance is expertly managed.

It’s a huge relief that such a vital part of our process is being managed. We trust that Checkr is operating within compliance of whichever states and counties are being impacted, allowing us to concentrate on the state-specific concerns that may arise in all other areas of employment.
Shenandoah Davis
CEO and Co-Founder, Adventure Nannies

Adventure Nannies found the perfect solution in Checkr to streamline their background check process. With Checkr's fast turnaround times, transparency, and compliance with regulations, Adventure Nannies can focus on providing safe and reliable childcare options for families across the country.

Adventure Nannies’ Favorite Features

  • Candidate portal provides real-time updates and allows candidates to see the progress of their background checks
  • Education verifications
  • Speed of background checks without sacrificing quality or compromising safety

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