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Rock Point Church Lives Its Mission With Safe and Secure Staffing and Volunteer Screening

How Rock Point Church gains efficiencies with Checkr’s speed and integration.

Company Overview

Rock Point Church has been serving its community for over 20 years with faith services, programming, events, and opportunities for employment and volunteering.


Non Profit/Church


300+ BGCs a year

Favorite Features

Seamless integration with Church Community Builder software.

Comprehensive and thorough background checks, including national databases.

Ongoing and regularly updated background checks.

Fair chance hiring aligns with the church’s second chance culture.

Ease of use and security of candidates’ personal information.

Products Used

The Rock Point-Checkr Story

Background checks are a vital part of their comprehensive screening process that safeguards their congregation’s families and the wider community. One of Rock Point’s most critical needs is clearance from the National Sex Offender Registry, which their previous vendor couldn’t provide.

Gaining efficiencies with Checkr’s speed and integration with church community builder

Rock Point has been using the Church Community Builder software for several years and enjoyed Checkr’s seamless integration into CCB. Every employee and volunteer’s background check can be easily accessed through their CCB profile. Ongoing and follow-up background checks can be scheduled directly within the platform.

Time savings is also part of Checkr’s value for Rock Point. Candidates securely complete their own background check requests, freeing up time for Jared’s team. “It only requires a few pieces of information. And they can do it on their phone in a couple of minutes. The super quick turnaround is valuable when you’re competing for someone’s time,” Jared confirms.

I am so appreciative of the integration between Checkr and Church Community Builder. Church is about people and life. So, the more streamlined and accessible your tools, the better you get to know your people.
Jared Tetzlaf
Safety and Security Director, Rock Point Church

The value Checkr brings in time and cost savings help Rock Point put their congregation’s monetary gifts to the best use. “Cost and value are not the same thing,” notes Jared. “We’re responsible to people who give to the church sacrificially. We want to make sure we’re doing the most with it and doing the best by it.” Among other things, Rock Point Church chooses to use Checkr’s standard package over the basic to ensure a safer, more thorough search.

Fulfilling a mission with Checkr fair chance

A thorough background check is Rock Point’s priority, as is protecting sensitive or vulnerable populations. But just as important is the church’s mission of knowing and loving the whole person, and not disqualifying a great volunteer without a thorough understanding of their story.

“When something comes up on a background check, it’s a discipleship opportunity to get to know this person who is part of your church,” Jared says. “In one particular case, a woman was 3 years clean and sober, and at the point in life where she’s excited to give back. Instead of a red flag, her history is something to celebrate. Her redemption story is now going to pour into other lives.

Rock Point Church's favorite features

Ensure safety and mitigate risk to sensitive populations.
Use Candidate Stories to look comprehensively at every individual’s full history.
Complete every check against the National Sex Offender Registry.
Decrease turnaround time and increase ease of use for volunteers and staff.

Trusted by more than 100,000 customers

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