Stukent automates their hiring processes and improves candidate experience with Checkr and BambooHR

How Checkr's integration with BambooHR has transformed Stukent's hiring processes, resulting in faster turnaround and a reduction in manual work.

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Stukent provides cutting-edge Simternships™ and courseware to help educators help students help the world.


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Stukent, founded in 2013, provides innovative first-in-the-world Simternships™ to give students a more real-world experience through their courseware. As a fast-growing leader in education technology, Stukent needs to stay competitive when it comes to hiring quality talent. In order to maintain that standard, they turned to Checkr and BambooHR for highly efficient hiring and background check solutions that are easy to use and provide an enhanced experience for their candidates.

Along with one other team member, Angie Brinkley, HR Coordinator at Stukent, manages the talent acquisition process from job posting to screening, so their time is limited. Checkr integrates directly with BambooHR to make overseeing the screening process simple and more reliable. Angie is able to order a background check and see the results all from within the BambooHR platform. "With the new Checkr and BambooHR integration, it's much easier for us to send a background check with the click of a button,” said Angie.

Stukent is a very fast-moving company. We’re growing quickly so having our tools integrated and processes automated is extremely helpful. Between the background checks, onboarding, and hiring, Checkr and BambooHR make our processes faster and seamless, which our candidates truly appreciate.
Angie Brinkley
HR Coordinator, Stukent

Checkr Analytics provides Angie with information needed to quickly identify hiring slowdowns, and view background check data in one place. Angie also highlights Checkr’s end-to-end candidate portal as a huge bonus to the background check process as it helps to build trust and increase transparency, giving candidates real-time visibility into the status of their check.

For candidates to be able to enter their personal information themselves and have more visibility with Checkr, it helps move their interview process forward faster. A background check could typically hold up an interview process, but we haven’t run into that with Checkr in place.
Angie Brinkley
HR Coordinator, Stukent

BambooHR supports Angie with an easy to use and fully automated process, from the initial application through to the new hire onboarding. “We love BambooHR. We truly appreciate all of the help articles and videos that are available so if we have a question we can easily navigate through the learning base and find an answer,” said Angie.

With BambooHR, Angie is able to send communications directly to candidates and provide them with necessary information about the interview process and what to expect. BambooHR and Checkr integrate to create a self-guided process that allows the candidate to submit all of their information themselves, taking much of the manual work off Angie’s plate, and giving her more time to focus on creating an exceptional orientation experience for new hires.

Without Checkr and BambooHR, our pre-hire and onboarding process would take a lot longer. I’ve been with companies that use physical documentation and candidates are required to hand-fill out their paperwork, then I would enter it into a system. It would take more than double the amount of time to get someone onboarded if we didn’t have Checkr and BambooHR.
Angie Brinkley
HR Coordinator, Stukent

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