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Checkr speeds up background check process for Dallas-area pet sitting business

Company Overview

Park Cities Pet Sitter provides dog walking and pet sitting services in the Dallas area.


Consumer Services


11-50 employees

Key Results


Average turnaround time is less than 12 hours.

Products Used

Park Cities Pet Sitter - Checkr Story

Having opened its doors 30 years ago, President Joette White attributes Park Cities Pet Sitter’s long-term success to its emphasis on creating a positive employee and client experience. Not only does the company want employees who are excited to do their jobs, but they also need to ensure candidates are properly vetted given the personal nature of caring for one’s pet. 

Prior to Checkr, the team was working with an HRIS vendor that required them to use a specific background check provider. Reports would often take days to come back, and those delays on background checks would cause Joette to lose candidates. After switching to their new hiring and onboarding system, JazzHR, they had the freedom to find a background check partner that more closely aligned with their goals. 

Joette chose Checkr because its platform and customer service stood out from the rest. “Checkr’s customer service was great, the onboarding process was very easy, and then the follow-up and support was awesome,” said Joette, “I really appreciated that, because that's especially important when you're moving to something new.” 

Checkr easily integrates with JazzHR, and their background checks are returned quickly – with an average turnaround time of less than 12 hours. This is crucial since any delay in the process often causes candidate drop off. Candidates are able to easily check the status of their background check through the candidate portal, and contact Checkr’s candidate support team if they run into any issues. 

Checkr is very easy to use. Everything is very straightforward, and there’s not much you need to do once you’ve set it up. And the Checkr team really helped with the setup.
Joette White
President and Owner, Park Cities Pet Sitter

Joette relies on criminal background checks with Checkr to ensure that candidates are thoroughly vetted and any reportable records are flagged. Park Cities Pet Sitter employees enter customers’ homes and care for their beloved pets, so Joette has peace of mind knowing her safety and compliance needs are met with Checkr. 

Our results with Checkr have all been positive. We are getting fresh data, and we’re getting it quickly, and we can trust that the information is going to be valid, and we’re not having to go back to another source to make sure that we’ve covered all of our bases.
Joette White
President and Owner, Park Cities Pet Sitter

Joette and her team also appreciate the attentive customer service Checkr has provided from the start. When using a new system, the adoption process can be challenging, but Checkr helped get the team up to speed and continues to provide superior support for all of their needs.

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