Giving Hospitality Companies a Competitive Edge with Employment Background Checks

Changing customer expectations, new competition from the gig economy, and talent shortages have quickly changed the hospitality industry. In order to remain competitive in this new landscape, companies are leveraging technology to modernize their hiring processes. Checkr's hiring tools and proprietary background check technology are built to help companies like yours attract and retain more qualified candidates while keeping HR operations lean.

Top Challenges in a Quickly Changing Hospitality Industry


The Way People Travel, Dine, and Stay Is Changing Fast


A Massive Talent Shortage Is Making Hiring Harder


FCRA Fines and Settlements Cost the Hospitality Industry Billions Every Year

For hotel chains, restaurants, travel agencies, car hire brands, and other travel companies, it's a time of disruption. The sharing economy, third-party food delivery, and online booking platforms are changing what consumers want and how they get it. To stay competitive, hospitality companies are modernizing and streamlining, but traditional hiring processes that are slow, inefficient, high-risk and costly can hold you back.


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Hiring for the Future: Trends, Predictions, and Outlooks

Better Hiring Tech to Keep You Competitive As the Industry Changes

Checkr's hiring tools help automate parts of the hiring process while delivering high-quality, accurate results to help you hire at scale. After the initial background check is over, tools like Continuous Check allow HR teams to monitor for new, reportable charges on an ongoing basis, keeping employees and customers safer and company assets more secure.

A Better Hiring Process to Improve Efficiency and Convert More Candidates

Checkr's technology and tools allow you to optimize your hiring pool, deliver a better candidate experience and make smart, safe decisions quickly – giving you a competitive advantage with candidates. Progressive Screenings help you filter out unqualified candidates earlier in the process, saving you time and money. You can keep your operations leaner and your risk lower, while converting more candidates.

Compliance Safeguards to Reduce Your Risk

Few companies can afford to spend millions on FCRA violations, but with the right hiring practices, these fines are sometimes preventable. Our tech allows you to automate certain hiring processes, helping you stay ahead of changing compliance legislation, reduce manual errors and bias, and improve accuracy.

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