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The Importance of Hiring Agility in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is by nature a highly seasonal, high-turnover industry. In today’s marketplace, hospitality chains must not only manage hiring spikes regionally across peak seasons, but also attract and retain that talent in a highly competitive landscape. Many hospitality chains are centralizing recruiting operations to help achieve this goal, including rethinking and removing bottlenecks in their legacy background check process.

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Hospitality and Food Service Look to Hire at Scale and Keep Compliant with FCRA

1 in 10 U.S. workers are employed in hospitality and food service, according to Deloitte, with an average of 73% annual turnover. That’s a lot of hiring volume, and a lot of complexity to manage. Learn how Checkr’s speed, integrations and compliant background checks has given our customers an edge in a competitive hiring landscape.

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Candidate Experience

A modern experience that empowers candidates

Hospitality workers use mobile devices for everything, including applying for a job. With our mobile-friendly candidate portal, candidates can submit required personal information quickly, track the status of their background check, find answers to questions, and connect with a dedicated live support team.

Feature Ai Powered Core Compliance Engine

Compliance Tools

Improve compliance at scale

A hospitality chain should have the technology in place to support a fully compliant hiring process, whether at it’s a property or headquarters. Checkr has compliance tools built in to each step of the background check process, so your workflows can keep up, no matter the hiring model.

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Smart Adjudication

Increase efficiency by streamlining the background check process

Hospitality companies must hire new candidates quickly for regional hiring spikes and seasonality. Checkr’s smart adjudication tools remove much of the manual burden of the background check review process, so you can hire faster, with fewer resources.


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