Latest G2 Ratings Show Checkr Shines in Ease of Use, Turnaround Times, Setup, and More

December 04, 2023
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Checkr awarded “Leader” status for fourth year in a row by business software review platform G2. 

G2, the world’s leading software review platform, selects the top-rated solutions for various industries based on user satisfaction and market presence every quarter. Checkr has achieved G2 “Leader” status for four years in a row—15 consecutive quarters—and we’re excited to share that we’ve garnered new recognition from G2 in several key areas this quarter. 

We’re especially proud of our “Leader” designation because G2’s rankings are based on reviews and scores from actual customers who use Checkr regularly. More than 225 customers have reviewed Checkr on G2, which is more than twice the number of reviews received by competitive solutions HireRight, Sterling, and First Advantage combined.

This quarter’s report highlights that Checkr’s user satisfaction scores surpass those of our leading competitors across eight key categories. 

Further, Checkr scored highest for “Likelihood to Recommend” (91%) against competitors –HireRight, Sterling, and First Advantage–and our average “go live” time is significantly shorter, too.

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Here's a closer look at some of the key categories where Checkr earned high scores for customer satisfaction.

Ease-of-use and rapid turnaround times mean faster hiring

On G2, Checkr received a score of 93% for ease-of-use, with users citing a streamlined, easy-to-read dashboard that lets them quickly start and review background checks. Checkr’s intuitive processes and automated workflows enhance efficiency, enabling faster hiring. 

Turnaround time is crucial in a competitive labor market, and Checkr’s score of 97% shows high customer satisfaction with our fast results. Our real-time, proprietary data network and extensive partnerships with court runners deliver fast, accurate background checks—for example, 98% of nationwide criminal background checks are completed in less than an hour. Reflecting our customers’ satisfaction, this quarter we also earned two new G2 badges: Highest User Adoption and Best Usability. 

I have worked with various background check platforms, and Checkr has the best turnaround time. Having a background check platform like Checkr is extremely important for our team as it saves us a lot of time.
Verified User
Mid-Market-size organization

Easy setup gets you up and running quickly

Implementing a new background check solution can be time-consuming, but that’s not the case for Checkr users. On G2, our score is 92% thanks to our ease-of-setup. Demonstrating that customer approval, we received a new G2 badge this quarter: Most Implementable (Mid-Market)

On average, new Checkr users are able to get up and running much faster than HR teams implementing competing products. In fact, according to G2 review data, 75% of Checkr users go live in less than one month, including 27% who go live in less than one day. It’s easy to set up your new Checkr account and receive business verification online, usually in a matter of minutes.

Ordering and reviewing background screenings is quick and easy, too. Should new users have any questions during the setup process, Checkr’s FCRA-trained customer support team is always ready to help. 

Almost everything has been smooth sailing once we set up our integration with Checkr. No continuous maintenance, no upkeep. We have been able to run tens of thousands of background checks almost completely in the background, a task that would have consumed thousands of man hours without Checkr.
Javier R.
Small Business-size organization

Streamlined, compliant screening and assessments

Users praise Checkr’s screening and assessment capabilities, earning us a score of 92% and a new G2 badge this quarter: Best Results (Small Business & Mid-Market)

Whether your business is big, small, or growing, Checkr offers numerous screening options to meet your needs. Our users appreciate the ability to choose from pre-built packages featuring the most commonly used background checks or customize packages to suit their unique requirements. No matter what background screenings you choose, Checkr’s adjudication tools help support compliance, enabling you to hire confidently with accurate results, while reducing manual effort, human error, and bias.

Checkr is incredibly simple to use, both for us as a company and for our applicants. It is fast, efficient, and has made our background process run much smoother.
Joanna S.
Enterprise-size organization

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Built-in integrations and open API simplify workflows

Modernizing your background check process is essential to remain competitive today, but the transition can be prone to speedbumps if a new solution doesn’t work well with your organization’s existing tools. Checkr eliminates these issues with our robust API and wide array of integrations, both of which earned a G2 review score of 89%.

Establishing a mentorship program that pairs your new employees with more seasoned team members is another strategy that can ease the transition and improve performance and retention; having a single point of contact for fair chance employees can make them feel more comfortable in their role as well as provide a single point of contact for any questions, concerns, or additional training requests.Thanks to our built-in integrations with 100+ ATS/HRIS systems, customers can plug Checkr's platform and tools into their existing HR solutions and workflows right out of the box. They also have the option to use Checkr’s API to integrate our features into their platform or applications. Whichever option you select, Checkr helps your team streamline and automate background check processes for faster, smoother hiring.

The integration between Checkr and our HRIS system has been invaluable. The ease of submitting and subsequently reading the background checks has been a big time saver.
Gabriella T.
Mid-Market-size organization

Get faster, easier background checks with Checkr

Background checks are a valuable tool to help HR professionals make informed hiring decisions and Checkr makes it easy to add screenings to your hiring process. Our intuitive interface, simple setup, and assessment tools save employers time and effort, no matter if you’re hiring a few candidates or thousands. With a proprietary data network and advanced technology, Checkr delivers compliant background screening results with speed, accuracy, and ease. Get started with Checkr today.

Data is sourced from G2’s Grid Report for Background Checks | Fall 2023, and reviews were submitted to G2 by verified Checkr users. 

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