Checkr International Adds New Screening for Robust and Seamless Hiring

November 29, 2021
Checkr Editor

For full-time employees and freelancers alike, the last 20 months have presented an unparalleled opportunity to work from “home”, wherever home may be. In fact, 74% of companies are offering permanent remote work options for their employees. Some countries like Iceland and the Cayman Islands are even incentivizing employees to work internationally on short-term visas. 

While remote work offers great flexibility to the employee, the benefits don’t stop there. Companies that open their hiring pool to international candidates gain access to top talent from across the globe. 

However, the “work from anywhere” movement poses new challenges for hiring managers. Organizations must seamlessly open the application process to international candidates or candidates who have once lived abroad. That includes incorporating international background checks and out-of-country history screenings into the hiring process.  

The Checkr International platform 

Hiring outside of the US can be complex. Background check laws and regulations are not country agnostic. Moreover, each jurisdiction comes with its own data privacy laws, language, and expectations around screenings which can create confusion around compliance. 

The Checkr International platform offers a fully integrated candidate experience with built-in compliance to increase operational efficiencies. Through automation, the platform gathers the necessary information to hire in-country while fostering a frictionless global candidate experience. For example, Rosa has been offered a new position in Spain and over the last five years has also worked in Germany and New Zealand. Checkr international gathers all relevant country requirements based on her location history and performs the appropriate screenings in each country for a more thorough, global understanding of her background.  

What types of checks does Checkr International offer?

Covering 223 countries outside of the US, Checkr International provides criminal screenings—or adverse media when criminal isn’t offered—Global Watchlist checks, education verifications, employment verifications, and a new identity document validation screening.

IDVblog Image

Furthermore, we know candidates have diverse backgrounds. In order to capture all relevant candidate history we also offer out-of-country searches for domestic and international candidates with multi-country address history. 

We’ve talked about the benefits of remote work, but it’s also important to recognize the risks. With the rise of virtual hiring—speed, accuracy, and online safety are of the utmost importance.   

Announcing the new International Identity Document Validation screening 

Today, we’re excited to announce a new screening, International Identity Document Validation (International IDV), providing you with the tools to help evaluate whether the identity documents presented by consumers are authentic. 

Millions of identities are misused every year, putting consumers and employers at risk. In fact, 19.8% of candidate identity documents submitted via their verification service were fake, doctored, synthetic, or stolen. 

With virtual hiring and remote work on the rise, Checkr’s International IDV provides an extra layer of security that the identity document a consumer presents is real and not compromised—directly within the Checkr platform.

How does it prove the identity document is real and not compromised? 

International IDV offers up to 4 levels of potential validation* across 3 document types—passport, driver’s license, and national ID. 

  • The consumer’s information and security features on the document will be inspected
  • The consumer’s document will be reviewed against consumer-provided PII
  • The consumer’s document will be run through various government databases to authenticate it is not stolen, lost, expired, or invalid
  • The Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) on the bottom of the consumer’s document will be scanned and run through identity databases to confirm it is real and not fabricated

*Not all documents will go through all 4 steps. MRZ documents and any associated evaluation are limited to passports, certain national IDs, and certain Driver’s Licenses.

Checkr International makes it easy to screen international candidates in an increasingly global workforce. Let’s dive into the benefits of Checkr’s international background screening products. 

How does Checkr International create a seamless screening experience? 

  1. A single source of truth: Manage background checks for all of your domestic and international candidates in a single platform, with a unified billing system. 
  2. Automated compliance workflows: Checkr automatically requests the appropriate information and documentation from candidates based on their address history, reducing manual efforts. This automation increases productivity for your team and makes complying with complex, regional requirements easy. 
  3. A frictionless candidate experience: Recruiters and hiring managers often have to spend days reaching out to candidates to collect the appropriate information required to run their background checks. Checkr sources information from your candidates directly, so you can simply request the check and receive results. Even more, candidates can access a mobile-friendly portal for FAQs, get support, see their background check results, and dispute any errors. 


Remote work options increase employee happiness and productivity. And 70% of HR professionals believe virtual recruiting is here to stay. 

Opening your talent funnel to international candidates requires the right technology to build a seamless hiring process. Checkr International helps you to tackle the complexities of international compliance and creates a frictionless experience for your candidates—making it easy to screen and hire top talent from anywhere in the world. 

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