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Our customers are looking for ways to run the most reliable background checks while using fewer resources. To meet their needs, our hiring tools leverage technology to make hiring easier, safer, and more resource-efficient.

Faster, more accurate data processing
More compliant hiring processes
Scalable volume with no impact on speed
Smart Adjudication

More Efficient Candidate Screening

We've built more sophisticated tools for candidate filtering and evaluation. For example, our Positive Adjudication Matrix allows you to target your efforts to only charges that matter for each role. Reviewing only the charges you find relevant will help save you time while improving your compliance.

Adverse Action

More Compliant Adverse Actions

When you need to file an adverse action, Checkr's hiring tools help you save time and stay on top of compliance laws by managing your notices, automatically setting compliant waiting periods by jurisdiction, restricting non-compliant actions during disputes, and tracking outcomes.

Compliance Tools

Built-In Safeguards to Reduce Your Compliance Risk

As you evaluate background check reports, you are bound by a stack of regulatory requirements that change constantly and that differ by job, location, and candidate profile. Our tools powered by AI and machine learning are designed to save you time while boosting your regulatory standards.

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Analytics & Insights

Better Analytics to Drive Growth and Efficiency

Checkr's analytics and reporting help surface patterns in your hiring practices that allow you to expand and optimize your talent pool, fine-tune your adjudication criteria, and take other steps to make your hiring workflows more efficient.

Candidate Experience

Tools for Candidates

Better candidate resources mean a smoother hiring process for both your new hires and your HR teams. Our tools and resources for candidates include a robust library of resources, a mobile-friendly dashboard where candidates get transparency on their background check status, and more.

Progressive Screenings

More Efficient Screenings

With Progressive Screenings, you can tailor the sequence of screenings to the position you're hiring for. When a candidate is rendered ineligible, the screening process stops, sparing both your timeline and your budget.

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The right data can help you keep your workplace and customers safer. Keep tabs on new charges connected to your candidates and employees.

Our background checks are powered by artificial intelligence to yield higher-quality data more quickly, and to make the process more efficient with lower compliance risk.

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See only the results you need, and manage and catalog adjudication notes for each candidate, lowering risk and helping you stay organized.