How Deploy HR Places and Retains More Candidates in Hyper-Competitive Warehouse Staffing

Improve candidate experience with frictionless onboarding using Checkr analytics and tools

Company Overview

Deploy HR, Inc. excels at connecting the right people with the right company while maintaining an understanding of and commitment to every business served and the workforce integral to making those businesses successful. Whether for a high-level, permanent placement, or a temporary hourly gig, Deploy HR, Inc. recruits and screens top candidates that best suit every client’s needs.


Warehouse Staffing


2,500 background checks/year

Key Results

Cost Savings

Up to 20% savings in material costs


750 background checks completed every month


85% reduction in turnaround time (1 week to 1 day)

Products Used

The Deploy HR-Checkr Story

Deploy HR, Inc. staffs the fast-paced and competitive space of warehouses, where clients and candidates have many choices in staffing partners. In this niche, turnover can be high and meeting hiring volume and timeline targets can be a challenge.

Before Checkr, Deploy HR’s entire application and onboarding process was manual, with a background check turnaround time of 1 week. This meant Deploy HR wasn’t able to contingently hire or begin the onboarding process efficiently, and candidates would often take other positions while waiting for their background checks to clear.

As a result of bringing Checkr on board, our team has more time back in their days to focus on candidate retention programs, improving the onboarding experience, and the candidate onboarding process.
Jackie McKewon
HR Generalist

With Checkr now fully integrated into Avionte, their applicant tracking system, Deploy HR has reduced turnaround time to under 1 day for the 2,500 background checks run every year. This gives their team more time to focus on candidate experience. Checkr has also saved Deploy HR up to 20% in the cost of running background checks, plus the cost savings of going paperless.

For a company spread across multiple locations, Checkr offers a suite of tools to maintain visibility and communication. With search and filter, HR officials can quickly and easily locate candidates. Geography based filters allow managers to track team activity remotely. And Checkr’s analytics provide easily digestible reports and actionable insights to help Deploy HR’s team continuously improve their processes. All these and more features on Checkr’s user-friendly dashboard give Deploy HR more time and resources to grow their talent pool and increase placement speed.

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