Gig-Based Platform Improves Trust with Customers and Helps Contractors Get More Jobs

Field Nation is an IT field services marketplace that connects contractors to companies to get work done. Field Nation connects people to accomplish great work.

Company Overview
Field Nation was challenged by its rapid expansion and growth. They needed to continue providing a full pipeline of contractors while continuing to improve the trust of their customers and the experience of the contractors on their platform.
On-Demand Staffing
500 Background Checks/Month

Key Results

Drug Testing
Rapid, accurate drug test results
Dedicated Account Manager
Regular check-ins and fast response times
API Integration
Makes screening process smoother and more efficient

Products Used

The Field Nation-Checkr Story

Checkr allowed them to improve contractor experience by giving them the opportunity to add background check and drug screen badges in a timely manner while simultaneously improving the trust and satisfaction of Field Nation’s customers by showing them transparently how contractors had been vetted.

Checkr was able to provide better turnaround times and support than Field Nation’s previous providers. They’ve also helped them build trust with their technicians and give them the tools to be more successful. Integration with Checkr has been key to making background checks and drug screens an easy process that helps Field Nation’s technicians get more business.

With Checkr, we have access to an extra level of support that our previous providers didn’t provide us.
Nicole Berg
Director of Provider Experience & Recruitment, Field Nation

Checkr’s support is also critical to Field Nation.

“Knowing the level of support we do have is a huge reassurance. Our account manager is incredibly responsive. For Field Nation, reliable and accurate background checks and drug screenings are imperative. Knowing we can trust Checkr helps our clients trust us. That’s the key to our success.”  Nicole Berg, Director of Provider Experience & Recruitment, Field Nation

By the end of last year, Field Nation standardized their badging requirements to be screened exclusively through Checkr on Field Nation. 

Why Checkr?

  • Technicians on Field Nation platform are 58% more likely to get a work order if they have a background check completed with Checkr
  • Background check turnaround reduced to under three days
  • 500+ checks completed monthly

Join the tens of thousands of other businesses using Checkr for their background checks

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