Is Your Staffing Agency Ready for the New World of Work?

Discover how to adapt to changing expectations from candidates and clients

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The workplace has changed. 

The world is experiencing major shifts in the way people look for and apply for jobs. Even the jobs themselves have radically changed. Remote hiring is a must-have, work is now integrated into daily life, and innovative technologies — such as AI, chatbots, and video — are now the norm rather than the exception. The world of work is transforming before our eyes.

Even before the pandemic, companies that used online talent platforms were able to increase revenues by up to 9% and reduce costs by up to 7%, according to a study by McKinsey. This disparity between the digital haves and the have-nots will only continue to grow as we emerge from this crisis.

In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How candidate and client expectations have changed and what you can do to adapt
  • 5 reasons candidate drop out of the funnel and how to identify which parts of your hiring process to optimize
  • How to scale operations for seamless peaks and valleys in hiring seasons
  • Opportunities in the new world of work for staffing agencies

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