2021 Staffing Trends Series: The Rise of Signup Culture

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Signup culture means instant results—even at work.

Consumer companies have conditioned the world to expect instant results—whether that’s a video on your phone in one click, a rideshare at your door in five minutes, or a red dress delivered to your mailbox in two days.

This is the rise of signup culture, and we’re already seeing a shift in how people are taking this same approach to their work. How?

Applying for a job will become more and more like signing up for a job.

Weeks-long or days-long processes will get compressed further and further. The goal for digital staffing agencies will be to—whenever possible—make the job hunt as easy as signing up for an Instagram profile.

We’re already seeing this manifest in three ways: online staffing marketplaces, next-day hiring, and daily model models.

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