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This dashboard provides you with an overview of your background check process. You can see the progress and results of the background checks, start the adjudication process, approve a candidate for hire, or request more information from the candidate, all from one place.

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I’m going to now switch back over to your viewpoint as the customer within the dashboard. So we’ll go back in here to the candidate viewpoint. And you’ll see again a list of the candidates as it loads. And so we can dive into any of these cases, that surface, These will be your candidates. And so if I go into Jen Kasp here as the consider that was run on September 15th, you’ll see all of Jen’s PII that surface, that’s as a consider report. As we scroll down, we’ll have the customer assessment, as reviewed, this is a customer using our advanced adjudication tool called ‘Assess.’ The report’s been complete and then this was a drug-only package. 

And so you can download a copy of the report if you want. So this is the health screening one, if it’s a criminal report, you would download that as a PDF as well. And then you’ll have the details of that specific screening that was conducted. So here, Jen tested positive for barbiturates. For criminal, that hit and run charge. for example, if we looked into that case, it would surface right here in the details of the report. 

But really what the adjudicators want to look at is after they review the report, what can we do next? So we have a way to tag the candidate, if you engage them, then you can click this button, and it would tag the engagement on that candidate’s profile, you’re moving forward with them. You can request a candidate story. So exactly how Jen could provide it in the portal, you can actually ask her to supply the additional information. Or you can start the pre-adverse action process. 

This would allow you to digitally manipulate the letters by doing those individualized assessments, or selecting the charge type here. There’s a drug testing results, selecting the number of days in between pre and final. So it auto defaults to seven calendar days 10 for Philadelphia, which is a requirement, but you can adjust that you can manipulate it in the system, and then move forward in the process to get this in the hands of the candidate. This is notifying them that you’re not moving forward based on the findings of the report. And so then they can come in and again dispute the findings that they want. If not, then we would wait the set number of days, and then that final letter would automatically trigger to the candidate via email. 

So you don’t have to have any kind of engagement to send the final letter out.

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