Checkr Forward 2021 | Keynote

Lessons From 2021 for Growing Companies

Watch the Checkr Forward 2021 Keynote session with Lyft, Uber, and DDI.

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While the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the workplace, it’s also taught us valuable lessons about what is possible. In this session, we will talk with leaders at Uber, Lyft, and DDI about how their business has forever changed over the past 20 months, and how Covid has them rethinking the future of work. We’ll also cover what hiring will look like in 2022, hidden talent pools, and how to staff in one day.

Learn from these experts

Kristen Faris

SVP Sales Solutions

Aaron Hageman

CEO, President
Delivery Drivers, Inc.

Alix Rosenthal

VP Compliance

Erin Novak

Senior Counsel, Safety

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