Why HR Leaders Use Checkr for Background Checks

Our customers in HR leadership are always looking for ways to efficiently hire at scale while mitigating risk. We’ve built the most advanced hiring solutions in the industry to meet their needs. Learn how Checkr can help you hire smarter and faster, using fewer resources.

Top Three Challenges for HR Leadership


HR Leaders Are Under Pressure to Increase Efficiency While Hiring at Scale


Compliance Violations Can Have a Big Impact on Company Reputation


Recruiters Are Facing a Shortage of Qualified Candidates

When companies have seasonal needs, high turnover, or rapid growth, HR teams may struggle to work quickly enough while looking out for workplace safety and the bottom line, making for a stressful work environment.


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5 Trends Shaping the Future of HR Today

Advanced Tech to Keep Up With Volume and Help You Hire at Scale

Because Checkr's platform is powered by technology that is highly scalable, its capacity is not limited by manual processes — our customers run 1.5 million background checks a month, with tools that help expand and optimize the talent pools as they go, making hiring more efficient and lower risk, helping you hire at scale and keep your business moving.

Compliance Safeguards to Reduce Your Risk and Improve Your Brand Reputation

We constantly update Checkr's toolset to stay ahead of legislative changes. And, our technology allows you to automate background screening processes, helping prevent manual errors, reduce bias, and improve accuracy. Checks are fairer for candidates and lower risk for your team.

Better Hiring Tools for a Competitive Advantage in a Tight Labor Market

Checkr's technology and tools allow you to optimize your hiring pool and make smart, safe decisions quickly. Our hiring tools allow you to auto-approve qualified candidates so you can convert new hires as fast as possible. You can keep your operations leaner, get candidates working faster and gain a competitive advantage in hiring.

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Compliance leadership needs to stay on top of constantly changing regulations and ensure they're reflected in every part of the hiring process. Learn how our hiring solutions help save time and reduce risk.

By making hiring processes more efficient, Checkr helps keep companies competitive across virtually every industry. See how companies like yours are getting ahead.

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