Why Compliance Teams Use Checkr for Background Checks

Roles that manage compliance and risk need to stay on top of constantly changing regulations and ensure they're reflected in every part of the hiring process. At Checkr, we leverage technology to help reduce bias and human error throughout the background check process, and to bring you accurate data for more compliant decision-making. Learn how we can help you save time and reduce risk.

Top Three Challenges for Compliance Leadership


Compliance Is Critical at Every Step of the Hiring Process


Keeping Up With Changing Regulations Is Challenging


Compliance Violations Can Hurt Your Brand and Your Bottom Line

Many hiring teams are under pressure to speed up, and hire at scale, but when it comes to compliance, cutting corners is not an option.


5 Steps To Running Compliant Background Checks


How to Scale Hiring and Win Talent in 4 Important Steps

Built-In Compliance Safeguards for Lower-Risk Background Checks

Powered by AI, our advanced hiring tools can automatically categorize charges with speed, accuracy, and consistency, and surface only the legally reportable and relevant results to your hiring teams, reducing bias and manual error for more compliant results.

Smart Tools to Monitor Changing Regulations

Our compliance toolset is continuously updated based on changing regulations, taking the pressure off your team's manual processes to make sure forms and processes are aligned with current and upcoming regulations in every jurisdiction.

Fairer, More Accurate Candidate Screening and Adjudication to Reduce Litigation Risk

Checkr's advanced technology helps take bias out of the background check process to ensure hiring is fair and inclusive, and to help avoid damaging and costly class-action lawsuits. With our candidate toolset, candidates have access to live support staff, robust resources, and background check status for a better candidate experience and a better reputation for your company.

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