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Great companies thrive with great hiring strategies. But the shortcomings of the traditional hiring process can increase risk, effort and expense across every industry. That's why companies like yours are working with Checkr to make their hiring practices more efficient — and to get a competitive edge.

Gig Economy

Navigating rapid growth and stiff competition, on-demand platforms like Grubhub rely on Checkr's background check technology to make fast-paced hiring decisions while keeping their businesses and customers safe.


Hospitality companies need to hire at scale — especially in peak seasons — while keeping operations lean. Checkr is connecting companies with more advanced hiring tools so they can do both.

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Facing one of the highest turn-over rates of any industry, Checkr helps retailers modernize hiring practices so they can bring on reliable talent at scale, especially during peak seasons.


Staffing companies are under pressure to screen and place more candidates faster than ever. With faster background checks and a better candidate experience, Checkr helps staffers retain and place more candidates in less time.


As the arrival of new technology, the emergence of new distribution patterns and new staffing requirements, manufacturers with more streamlined hiring processes have the advantage. With Checkr, companies are expanding their talent pools and hiring faster and smarter.


Churches and non-profit organizations often rely on a lean staff to undertake the huge job of staffing volunteers. Learn how they use our platform to run safer, fairer background checks while saving costs and lightening the workload.

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Tech-powered candidate filtering to save time, improve compliance, and expand your candidate pool.

When you need to take an adverse action, this smart tool generates your customizable documents, tuned to local compliance regulations for each candidate.

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