Hire up Ahead of the Demand Signal

The manufacturing industry employs over 15 million workers across the United States, roughly 10% of the US workforce. That means a lot of sourcing, assessing and onboarding talent quickly and efficiently. Verifying experience, license statuses, and criminal background can be a huge blocker to a seamless hiring experience. With Checkr, you can convert talent quickly and even open up hidden talent pools to maximize conversion.

    Partner integrations

    Our platform plugs into the ATS and HRIS systems that you’re already using, so you can start transforming the background check experience right away.

    Discover your next untapped candidate pool

    77 million Americans, ⅓ of the workforce, have some sort of criminal record. And many companies today unintentionally discriminate against this group, despite studies showing that they perform as well or better than their peers. If your team is responsible for scaling up labor to meet production deadlines, then fair chance hiring might just be the solution you are looking for.

    Solutions for the manufacturing industry

    Workflow Automation

    Improved planning with predictable background checks

    Understanding when a background check will be returned with 95% accuracy, drives a predictable headcount plan. Analytics provides a comprehensive view of the entire program.

    Candidate Experience

    A modern experience that empowers candidates

    Hiring new talent into manufacturing requires a modern candidate experience because Gen Z has grown up in a digital world. With our mobile-friendly candidate portal, candidates can submit required personal information quickly, track the status of their background check, find answers to questions, and connect with a dedicated live support team.

    Smart Adjudication

    Gain hiring efficiencies while streamlining processes

    Manufacturers must hire new candidates quickly to capitalize on market demand spikes. Smart Adjudication Removes bottlenecks in the hiring process, onboarding new hires faster, while spending fewer resources on adjudication.

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    We've built the most advanced background check toolset in the industry to make hiring faster, easier, more accurate, and lower risk.