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Manufacturing companies face the constant challenge of hiring qualified candidates quickly while keeping the process efficient. Learn how our advanced hiring tools and proprietary background check technology can grow and optimize your talent pools and make your hiring process safer and leaner.

New Distribution and Digital Challenges for Manufacturers


A New Era of Manufacturing Foreshadows an Industry-Wide Talent Shortage


Direct-to-Consumer Business Is Growing Faster Than Manufacturing Companies Can Hire


Preventable Losses and Compliance Settlements Hurt Your Bottom Line

Legacy systems have powered manufacturing for decades, but by 2021, experts estimate that more than 40% of companies will have enterprise-wide digitization initiatives in place. New technology plus an aging workforce foreshadows a skills shortage ahead. More than 2 million manufacturing jobs could go unfilled in the coming decade. You'll need hiring processes that give you access to skilled talent, at scale.


The Beginner's Guide to Background Checks


Nucleus Guidebook

Tools to Optimize and Expand Your Candidate Pool

You need workers with very specific skills. Our tech helps you customize hiring criteria for a larger talent pool of candidates with the skills and experience you need.

Better Hiring Tools for Improved Productivity and Efficiency Across The Board

Checkr's technology allows you to optimize your hiring pool and make smart, safe decisions quickly. Progressive Screenings help you filter out unqualified candidates earlier in the process, saving you time and money. This helps you hire faster, keep your operations leaner, and lower your risk.

Compliance Safeguards to Help Mitigate Risk and Prevent Loss

Manufacturers run on thin margins and hire in large volumes for fulfillment and distribution, and that presents potential compliance challenges for HR teams. Our technology allows you to automate certain parts of the background check process, keep tabs on changing legislation, cut back on manual errors and bias, and ultimately, make your hiring more compliant.

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When you need to take an adverse action, this smart tool generates your customizable documents, tuned to local compliance regulations for each candidate.

We build hiring solutions with features like AI-powered candidate filtering to save time, improve compliance, and expand your candidate pool.

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