Why Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Teams Use Checkr

At Checkr, we help recruiting teams hire smarter by leveraging the most advanced technology in the industry. Our solutions help you surface more qualified candidates and increase conversion with a better candidate experience.

Top three challenges for talent acquisition and recruiting

Recruiters are facing a shortage of qualified candidates

Many industries are facing a talent shortage and hiring at scale is getting harder. To make matters worse, the legacy background check process makes it easy for talent and recruiting teams to inadvertently rule out qualified candidates.

Candidate expectations have changed

Historically, background checks are slow and confusing for candidates, and those who grow frustrated or impatient are more likely to drop out of your hiring process. Recruiters are under pressure to meet candidates' expectations and provide an overall positive experience.

Traditional background checks are time and resource intensive

Historically, background checks are risky, time-consuming, labor-intensive manual processes which operate on unpredictable timelines, leading to challenges for both hiring teams and candidates.

Advanced technology optimizes your talent pool

Checkr's advanced technology surfaces results based only on charges you select as relevant to the position you're filling, helping you give the same fair chance to every qualified candidate who could be a great match for the job. This means a bigger, more optimized talent pool, ensuring you convert more qualified candidates, faster.

A better candidate experience

Candidate expectations have evolved. Now, candidates expect quick responses from prospective employers, and often, candidates will take the first offer they receive. They expect to be able to fill out applications quickly and easily from their mobile phones, and check the status of their application in real time. Checkr's candidate portal was built to stay ahead of these changing expectations, by helping candidates track the status of their background check, find answers to questions, and connect with a dedicated live support team so they can stay engaged and convert more reliably.

More efficient hiring tools

Our tools empower you to optimize your hiring pool and make decisions quickly, so you can hit your hiring goals with as little manual work as possible for your recruiting teams. Spend less time on manual background check processes and more time recruiting and hiring great people.

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