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Improve Compliance, Accuracy, and Speed

For everyone that manages talent, across virtually every industry, Checkr helps make hiring faster, safer, and more compliant, all while lowering costs. Learn more about what we do for your industry and your role.

Checkr for your industry

We’ve learned from each unique challenge that our customers have faced, so we can help them hire better. See how we’re helping companies like yours get ahead.

Gig Economy

We help on-demand platforms compete in a fast-paced market.


We help retailers of all kinds hire at scale more safely and efficiently.


We help staffers meet the changing demands of today’s talent.


We help hospitality brands meet hiring needs with less risk.


We help manufacturers modernize hiring in a changing industry.


We reduce the cost and workload of staffing with safety in mind.

Checkr for your role

From streamlining your workload to serving candidates faster, we’re always innovating. Learn how we can help you tackle the challenges of your role, whether you’re in HR, recruiting, compliance, or operations.

Platform Foundation

HR Leadership

Drive digital transformation while increasing efficiency and lowering cost.

Talent Acquisition

Hire better and faster while improving candidate experience.


Keep up with changing regulations and improve compliance at every step.


Streamline and optimize HR processes while lowering costs.

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Learn from 15,000 enterprise companies like yours about how Checkr has helped them meet their hiring goals.

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