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Why Operations Leaders Use Checkr

Operations leaders need hiring tools that streamline hiring processes while reducing costs. That’s why we created advanced hiring solutions that help your teams run higher-quality background checks using fewer resources.

Top three challenges for operations teams

Onboarding a new hiring tool can mean complex IT solutions and other obstacles

9Cobbled-together systems can bog down HR operations with inefficient workflows and complex and costly IT integrations, not to mention user retraining and support. Modernizing these systems is critical, but getting started can require a lot of resources.

Long wait times and confusing processes hurt candidate conversion

Candidates who grow frustrated or impatient with the legacy background check process are more likely to drop out of your hiring process, which costs your company time and resources, and makes it harder to hire at scale. The stakes are high for keeping hiring processes efficient and the candidate experience positive.

Traditional background checks are time and resource intensive

Historically, background checks have been time-consuming, labor-intensive, manual processes which operate on timelines that are hard to predict. This absorbs HR bandwidth and makes headcount planning tough.


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A better candidate experience for better candidate conversion

A great hiring experience for candidates means higher conversion and a better reputation for your company. Our mobile-friendly candidate portal lets potential hires track the status of their background check, find answers to questions, and connect with a dedicated live support team to ensure a smoother, faster hiring process.

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Hiring tools to increase efficiency and lower cost

Checkr’s screenings and adjudication tools are built to help hiring teams optimize the talent pool and make smart, safe hiring decisions quickly, so you can keep your hiring funnel full. HR can stay leaner, hiring more people in less time and with less compliance risk.

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Smarter technology for seamless integrations and streamlined workflows

Pre-built integrations with the HR systems you’re already using help spare the expense of complex IT projects, making it easy and seamless to start using Checkr. Once you’re rolling, our advanced technology can automate certain parts of the hiring process to streamline workflows and eliminate duplicate work.

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