Safer Hiring with Better Background Checks for the Gig Economy

Checkr empowers gig companies to scale and grow while maintaining safety and compliance. With hiring solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, we make background checks faster, easier, and more accurate. And, our simple API gives you the flexibility to create the custom solutions you need to gain a competitive edge.

Top Challenges in the Gig Economy


Companies Are Facing Strong Competition for Talent


Companies Need to Maintain Trust and Safety While Hiring at Speed


Compliance Violations Can Hurt Your Brand and Your Bottom Line

Gig economy companies are growing and fighting for candidates in new markets, but they're up against the reality of quickly-scaling competitors that are all fighting for the same talent. To meet new demand and win new customers, gig economy employers have to find innovative ways to increase efficiency and scale quickly — all while offering a great experience for candidates.


Rewriting The Rules Of Trust & Safety In The Sharing Economy


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Tools to Help Expand Your Pool of Qualified Candidates and Convert Faster

Companies are using Checkr to gain broader access to a more diverse group of qualified candidates. By fine-tuning your adjudication criteria, you can unlock and optimize new pools of talent, then increase operational efficiency by reducing the time you spend reviewing reports. Checkr customers also gain unique insights into their background check timelines with turnaround time analytics and highly accurate turnaround time predictions. More transparent, predictable timelines means improved productivity, a better candidate experience, and ultimately higher candidate conversion.

Technology to Protect Your Company, Customers, and Brand Reputation

Our background check solutions help you reduce risk on your platform and protect your brand reputation. Connect IDV is a seamless integration of identity verification and the background check process, helping companies protect against fraud while making the hiring process faster and more efficient. Continuous Check leverages data from the millions of background checks that run through our platform, allowing you to compliantly monitor for new, reportable charges among your active workforce on an ongoing basis.

Tools to Help Mitigate Compliance Risk and Make Hiring More Inclusive

Checkr's solutions leverage technology to promote fairer, more inclusive hiring while maintaining standards of safety and compliance. Our adjudication tools allow you to select only the charges relevant to the position you're hiring for, reducing opportunities for bias and expanding your pool of qualified candidates. And, built-in compliance safeguards improve accuracy and consistency, reducing bias and human error in your hiring process. This makes your background checks fairer for candidates and lower risk for your team.

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We build hiring solutions with features like AI-powered candidate filtering to save time, improve compliance, and expand your candidate pool.

When you need to take an adverse action, this smart tool generates your customizable documents, tuned to local compliance regulations for each candidate.

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