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The gig economy chooses Checkr for our scale, safety, and efficiency. Our robust API gives you unmatched flexibility. AI and machine learning make your background checks faster, easier, and more accurate. Our UX minimizes manual tasks to a fraction of the time.

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    Checkr API

    Customize your hiring funnel your way

    Our powerful API and webhooks give you unmatched flexibility. Because we’re an API-first company, every feature is accessible via API. What’s that mean for you? A seamless candidate experience. No need to compromise your existing tech stack. Plus, our API documentation is robust, public, and easy-to-use. Your development teams can build immediately.

    Checkr solutions for the gig economy

    Smart Adjudication

    Spend time on the critical stuff—automate the rest

    Our customers spend up to 97% less time adjudicating background checks. Analytics help you onboard new workers faster, with fewer resources. Our platform accounts for regional compliance regulations and automatically generates relevant authorizations, disclosures, and adverse action notices. We also help you build safeguards to only surface reportable charges that you flag as relevant. So you can be consistent and compliant.

    Candidate Experience

    Empower your candidates with a modern experience

    Optimize your hiring funnel with our mobile-first candidate portal. Candidates can submit personal information quickly, track the status of their background check, and find answers to questions. They also have access to our dedicated live support team—100% U.S. based.

    Continuous Monitoring

    Rest assured with real-time data

    From the moment a background check completes, a gap in information about your candidates' records begins to form. Checkr’s continuous monitoring runs in the background and notifies you of reportable changes in real time. That’s the relief of increased transparency. Your customers, workforce, and brand all stay safe.

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