Simple, No Commitment Background Checks for Your Business

Checkr’s all-in-one background check solution helps small businesses lower risk and grow their passionate teams without high-cost investments.

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We’d love to hear from you!

Thank You! Someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Essential to your hiring process

A background check helps ensure the candidate you want is the right fit so you don’t lose out on the best talent. It also helps save costs down the line when it comes to insurance premiums or re-hiring and training. 

Plus, with Checkr there are no commitments, no sign-up fees, and background checks average as low as $25, so you can improve your customers’ and employees’ safety without breaking the bank.

Hire Better 

Checker combined with Discovered’s suite of hiring assessments ensures you find high performing talent with high Integrity reducing turnover and lowering Work Comp Costs by 60% on average

Hire Faster 

Post jobing jobs and screening candidates in a few clicks with flawless interfaces and automations makes the hiring experience a breeze for recruiters and candidates.

Hire with Discovered + Checkr

Reduce turnover by 30% or more, reduce work comp claims costs 57%, improve employee performance outcomes and costs all in one place.  

Integrate Checkr with Discovered ATS

Streamlined ordering

Order, monitor and review background checks without leaving Discovered ATS

Pre-Filled Data

Reduce data entry by pre-populating the invitation for the candidate

Efficient Hiring

Post jobs and screen candidates in just a few short clicks

Use the promo code DISCOVERED50 during the sign-up process to receive $50 off your first background check.

For more details on how to set up Checkr in Discovered or how to run your first check, visit our user guide. 

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